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Multitasking on an iPad or iPhone

What is multitasking?The true meaning is the ability to have more than one app running at a time. Most of the time this is not allowed on an iPad or iPhone to make sure there is no un-necessary drain of the battery. You can truly multitask when you are on a phone call, skype call (or other voip call) and can browse through apps on your device, when you are using the maps application for navigation, when you are recording something with the voice memo app and a few other examples. Mostly though, when multitasking is referred to, it is the ability to switch quickly from one app to another.

Switching between apps

There are 3 ways to switch between apps in an IOS device like an iPad or iPhone.

1. Click Scroll Tap: From whatever app you are in you can click the home button, scroll for the next app you want to open, tap the app to open it and then if you want to get back to the original app, click the home button, scroll for the original app and tap the icon to open it. It will open exactly where you left it. This method is the best way to open two or more apps that you haven't opened recently but as you can see this method takes a lot of clicking, scrolling and tapping.

2. Double click the home button: This method is a fantastic way to quickly switch between two or more recently opened apps. By double clicking the home button a sliding app menu will be revealed at the bottom of your screen (4-7 apps will be visible depending on your device and its orientation). You can then just tap on the next app you want to open or swipe your finger to the left to reveal more recently opened apps that you may be looking for. For people with more than 26 apps on their iPad (or 20 apps on an iPhone) this is a great way to switch to an app that is on a different home page or inside a folder.

3. Multitasking Gestures: This is personally my favourite and is easily the fastest way to switch between recently opened apps. With any app open all you need to do is swipe the screen with four fingers. Each time you swipe it with four fingers it will move the the next most recent app that you had open in full screen and exactly where you left it. You can swipe back and forth with four fingers between an unlimited amount of apps. This method is most efficient if you are moving between the last 3 or 4 apps you opened and lets face it, if you are truly multitasking that would be about the limit anyway.

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